Rich Sichta

Rick Sichta

Mr. Rick Sichta is a board-certified criminal appellate attorney who specializes in criminal appeals, including direct appeals, habeas corpus petitions, illegal sentences, and in post-conviction. Mr. Sichta has represented a multitude of clients, and has appealed and litigated cases to the First, Fifth, and Fourth District Courts of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court, the Federal Middle District Court of Florida, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

Susanne Sichta

Susanne Sichta

Ms. Sichta is a Florida appellate attorney who has written appeals at the trial court, DCA, Florida Supreme Court, Florida Middle District, Eleventh Circuit and United States Supreme Court levels.


S Nicole Jamieson

S. Nicole Jamieson, Esq.

Nicole recently left work with the RCC to begin her career as a sole practitioner. Nicole continues to hone her criminal defense practice while offering separate mitigation services for those engaged in capital defense work. Nicole also works alongside The Sichta Firm in an of counsel capacity.

Mission Statement

The Sichta Firm is a Florida-based law firm recognized for its involvement in the practice of criminal law and appellate law, including criminal appeals and civil appeals. We are committed to providing the highest quality representation and our clients have the satisfaction of knowing the attorneys have handled cases ranging misdemeanor to felony charges, litigated the county court to the United States Supreme Court, and a range of cases from traffic tickets to first-degree Murder and death penalty cases, including at trial and on appeal.

When you are faced with a deprivation of liberty you want a lawyer that has the experience, intelligence, and know-how to provide competent and result-driven representation.


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